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Oil Painting Colonial Scene Open Hearth


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It is hard to find interior paintings from the colonial era especially depicting an open hearth fireplace. An artist by the name of “M De Ruyter” created this capsule in time with an array of skilled brush strokes that capture attention to detail while adding an emphasis to the important composition which tells a story. As history unfolds in this painting it gives us true insight as far as how people lived back in this era. We invite you to walk right in and have a look for yourself! *Colonial attire preferred but not required!

Two women in period dress seem to be drawn toward the fire that suggest warmth and comfort as a cool autumn evening sets in. The steaming iron pot set on the crane stands at the ready for a hot cup of tea while another pot may hold delicious stew for supper. Necessary hand forged hearth utensils used on a daily basis await the “huswife” and a bake oven equipped with a cast iron door has rendered countless baked goods such as hearty bread.

The intricately laid bricks on the hearth and fireplace were painted with skill and a steady hand. Colorful patterned dishes line the mantle and the corner cupboard off to the left. A stoneware butter churn has retired for the day without the plight of fairies as the butter gathered this time otherwise a hot poker is plunged into the cream to drive the fairies out! Tea is being poured from the decorated deft tea pot and will add comfort and warmth after a hard day’s work.

We carefully removed this painting from the frame to see if there was a signature to help provide providence to this piece of art and sure enough there was! “Margaret Connell-de Ruyter” was born in Aruba (an island in the Caribbean Sea, Netherlands) and is a naturalized citizen educated in Vermont, Boston and Charleston. Her paintings were shown at the “Prince Art Gallery”, “Piccolo Spoleto Festival”, “Charleston Artist Gallery”, “College of Charleston Salon de Refuse Art Show” and various venues in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to the “North Charleston Cultural Arts Department”, “Margaret was inspired to paint the wonders of the natural world. She uses acrylic on canvas with effects and color to achieve what she sees and feels. Margaret’s series is painted in an impressionist abstract style featuring water, earth, wind and fire.”

The frame exhibits a small array of white spots located near the upper right hand side as shown in image 15. There is also some wood loss on the back of the frame near the top as referenced in image 23. All of the back corners have experienced light wear as shown and there are a couple of small holes located at the bottom.

This 20th century painting created on artist board has a naïve quality but surprises us with intricate detail as well. It has an earthy appearance as the colors suggest a pumpkin and bittersweet ground. This artwork is in very good condition with only a few scratches located at the top left hand corner as shown in images 7 (frame removed) & image 8 (frame intact). The 3” wood frame is amazing boasting a rustic look that coincides and compliments this painting in a big way. What a great piece of art that tells a story about colonial life and can proudly be hung in your lovely home to be enjoyed by all!

Measures 20 ½” tall, measures 24 ½” across and frame measures ¾” deep.

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