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Redware Charger Willow Tree by Cazan


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I really like the fact that it seems perfectly acceptable to mix contemporary and antique redware pieces together. Of course, there are unspoken rules regarding decorating but even the high end collections of antique redware always seem to have contemporary examples sprinkled about. With that said this next offering would make a great statement amongst your collection.

Beautiful charger signed and dated by “Ginger Cazan” made in the year “2002” depicting a slip decorated willow tree that symbolizes new life, rebirth, vitality and knowledge. The edges are also highly decorated with a stylized interlocking open scallop motif showing vertical lines held hostage inside. A simple but effective comma stroke resides just below and adds further detail to the design. The coggled edge is also a further design element that finishes off the edges beautifully.

There is one “glaze pop” located on the bottom edge referenced by the arrow along with an impressed line on the back that occurred in the making. The charger is in minty condition without any chips or cracks to report and shows extremely well. Earthy rust coloration that includes dark specs in the ground along with a dark complimentary slip on the coggled edge make for a special piece. Not many of these were made and are hard to find. Enjoy!

Measures 11 ¼” across, 11” top to bottom and measures 1 ¼” tall.

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