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Antique Dough Bowl Primitive Spoon Notched End Fabulous with Surprise


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This wonderful antique wooden bowl has beautiful patina and you can actually see the circles from the tree it was fashioned from. A unique "to die for" primitive spoon comes with the bowl and I am also including a mix of gourds, twigs, rose hips, magnolia pods and dried okra as a surprise!

This fabulous piece of treen sports a rich nutmeg hue along with dark areas that are sprinkled randomly throughout. The bowl feels smooth to the touch from years of use. There are some cracks as referenced in image 5 on the inside as well as the outside rim but only venture down about an inch or two. The inside of the bowl is free of stains and the wear is consistent. The back of the bowl has four dark marks, two near the edge and two located towards the middle area.

I did apply some oil on the bowl to bring out the rich patina and beautiful grain in the wood. There is no oily residue or offensive odors to report either. I am so smitten with the out of round shape this bowl has to offer as referenced in image 10! This bowl is also deep and holds the gourds and primitive botanicals quite well.

I was able to find an amazing spoon that I have never seen before. The dark, almost back surface on the inside and outside of this square bowl is just awesome. Of course the interesting notched long end made my heart skip a beat along with the form that could not be better. This spoon was carved out of one piece of wood and the round corners along with the surface wear reveal that this cooking utensil was certainly favored by a busy little "huswife".

The spoon is smooth as silk from being handled all these years. There are no cracks or chips to report as this lovely piece of treen is in good condition. The bowl and this spoon look just splendid paired up together as the colors are extremely complimentary and the spoon looks just as "right as rain" laying in the center.

I gathered some interesting twigs from the garden and wrapped them together with aged string to form a bundle. The dark colors of the twigs add interest to the inside of the bowl and so does the three pear gourds along with one egg gourd. A couple sprays of rose hips accents the gourds with charm and beautiful red color! The dried okra and magnolia pods are a striking contrast to this mix of primitive botanicals.

This bowl with all the accoutrements would look so fashionable on top of a farmhouse table or in your pantry laid on one of the tall shelves. You can fill this bowl with just about anything for holiday decorating too which makes this a fun piece you can enjoy for years to come! Enjoy!

The bowl measures almost 13" across @ the longest point, 12" across the other way and stands 3 1/2" in the middle (shallowest point) & 4" on each end. The wooden spoon is a generous 12" Tall, 2 3/4" across the bowl, 3 1/4" up and down measurement directly under the handle, the notched end is 1 1/2" deep (front to back) & the notch itself is about 1/2" and will accommodate a bowl rim nicely, the handle is almost 3/4" deep (front to back), & measures 1/2"across the top and graduates to about 3/4" at the bottom where the bowl is. The twig bundle measures 11" Tall & 8" across @ the widest point. The Okra Pods stand 6" to 8" Tall & are about 1/2" across. Large pear gourd is 5" Tall including the stem by 2" across the bottom. Smallest egg gourd is 2" by 1 1/2" across the bottom. Magnolia Pods vary in size but the largest is 5" Long by 1 1/2" across the middle. Rose hips are around 3" Tall.

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