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Antique Early Mortar and Pestle Best Surface


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I was so fortunate to find this fantastic 19th century Mortar and Pestle when I went to market last month and feel so honored to present this to you. It is that special! Oh, what a fantastic addition this would make to your Buttery and would definitely take center stage as this piece is quite large.

Mortar & Pestle's have become a primitive staple in our decorating and are ever so popular. This Mortar boasts an extraordinary patina lending rich chocolate brown tones with warm nutmeg and maple hues. The form is striking as there is a recessed area near the bottom that has a gradual incline known as a step.

If you look closely you can see the circular horizontal marks in the wood that was turned on a lathe. See images 6, 7 & 8. The hole located on the bottom was used to keep the wood in place while it was being turned. This step area is much darker than the rest of the piece which adds so much depth and character.

There are some white marks present on the outside of the mortar as referenced in images 5, 6, 7 & 8. There is a small chip of wood missing as shown in image six, off to the right but is minuscule. The bottom sports a dark almost black surface and so does the inside of this stunning piece.

Surprisingly, this mortar is free of cracks that are usually very common in pieces of this nature. Overall very good condition and this mortar is also heavy as it was fashioned out of one piece of wood. The surface is smooth to the touch and has a good old feel to it! The inside has a some what rough texture and feel especially near the bottom.

The pestle is absolutely wonderful and I believe this is not a marriage but is original to the piece. Again, it is common to find a marriage in these sets, as the pestles "went missing" a long time ago. The following reasons I believe support my claim. Number one, this pestle seems to be the correct size for this piece. Number two, the color half way down is a good match for the color of the mortar. Number three, about two inches down from the mortar rim on the inside, this seems to line up with the dark surface on the pestle which would make sense because you would not fill up the mortar to the top as the contents would need room for grinding, pounding and mixing. Just call me a sleuth!

The pestle is smooth as silk to the touch from years of use and has a cross ~ Hatched incised bottom, see image 14. There are several minor cracks that will hardly catch a fingernail run over the surface, located at the bottom and extend upward toward the handle. Speaking of handle, did you notice the handle is lighter in color than the bottom because this is where one would grasp it strongly for a good workout? I love this olde "Tell ~ Tale" feature seen in many nice antique pieces. The pestle is in very good condition and is also a heavy and solid piece just like it's mortar counterpart.

I can just envision this in a buttery set among-st your other mortar and pestles along with complementary treenware pieces that speak of character and whispers of a useful past. See Image 15 that I grabbed from Pinterest of someone's gorgeous Buttery as an example of decorating at it's best! Enjoy!

The mortar stands 7 1/2" Tall, measures 5 1/2" across the top opening & almost 6" across the bottom. The overall height with the pestle inside is 11". The Pestle is almost 9" Long, measures 1 1/4" across the top handle & 2" across the bottom.

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