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Eagle Cookie Cutter Flatback 19th Century


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Cookie cutters are so much fun to collect as the wide variety of animals, birds and floral designs just to name a few gives us the opportunity to snatch them up immediately when available. Of course, some are much harder to find then others and usually accommodate a hefty price tag. This special eagle design is an example of a hard to find cutter but is modestly priced and does include free shipping.

Cutters such as this one were fashioned from tin and sport a dark appearance. Many of the American cookie cutters have holes in the back plate – which could be used to help push out the sticky dough once the cookie was cut. Back in the 19th century tinsmiths traveled across the country providing tin goods for households by using scrap tin from other projects to fashion a stylized cookie cutter design chosen by what the “huswife” favored. Each was unique with slightly different shapes and hand soldered. After the Civil War, cookie cutters started to be manufactured with a multitude of standard designs that were often more complicated to create.

This cutter is in very good condition without any surface rust or breaks in the tin to report. The fluted tail is not firmly attached to the back and displays a tad over to the left hand side. The rest of the solder is intact for the head and wing areas. There are two holes; one positioned for the eye and the other is in the middle of the tail as shown.

The handle is intact and may have been re-soldered into place at some point in time. This large cutter in the form of an American eagle boasts folk art appeal and stands for patriotic values in our country. Perfect addition to any collection and can be displayed in a wooden bowl possibly with a small flag laid in the center. Enjoy!

Eagle stands 4” tall, measures almost 2” across his head, measures 3 ¼” across his wings (widest point) and is 1 ½” deep (handle measurement included).

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