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Miniature Treenware Lot Amazing


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This miniature treenware lot would create a spectacular display set inside a stepback child’s cupboard such as the one I am offering here as shown but (listed separately) for sale. These pieces are hard enough to find individually let alone finding all ten that make up an impressive set. This lot consists of a wooden bowl, jar with lid, French salt spoon, two buckets; (one in paint), whimsy cup, wire beater,tin scoop marked Germany along with a turned primitive masher.

This lot dates from the late 19th to early 20th century. The dark and light colors lend an interesting variety in each individual piece and when shown together make for an exciting presentation. The whimsy cup has experienced a repair at some point on the footed bottom as shown but otherwise is in good condition. I am also including the yellow flowers in the prominent footed jar that seems to beckon soft color and texture by creating a unique focal point. This jar that could also be a diminutive version of a salt cellar does have a dark area on the bottom of the body that cascades down toward the foot. The bucket in putty paint with a salmon hue is not as old as the rest of the lot.

A turned lid with a well defined knob fits the open jar receptacle well but may be a marriage as the color is not entirely the same. The footed bowl sporting a flared rim, turned masher and spoon boast a favorable dark appearance. There are very tiny chips present on the darker bucket just below the top edge on the back location. I added mustard seed to enhance the tin scoop by creating a little whimsy. All of the other pieces are in great condition!

If you favor this set, don’t hesitate as it may take years to find these pieces individually. If you prefer, these items can also be used for display inside a small cubby situation as well. There is also the opportunity to fill some of these pieces with other flowers, colorful spices or small berries can be used for the holidays along with greens. You certainly will have fun decorating with these beautiful pieces of treen! Enjoy!

Whimsy cup, the largest piece in the set is 3 ¼” tall, measures 1 ¾” across the top opening and measures almost 1 ¾” across the bottom. Lidded Jar stands almost 2 ¼” tall including the lid, jar itself stands 1 ¼” tall, measures 1 ¼” across the top opening and measures 1” across the bottom.

Bucket in paint stands 2” tall (including the wire handle), bucket itself stands 1” tall, measures 1” across the top opening and measures a little over ¾” across the bottom. Smaller bucket stands 1 ¼” tall (including the wire hanger), bucket itself stands ¾” tall, measures a little over ½” at the top and bottom location.

Footed Jar stands 1 ½” tall, measures 1 ¼” across the top and measures 1 ¼” across the bottom. Wooden bowl measures 2 ½” across the top opening, stands 1” tall and measures 1” across the bottom. Salt Spoon measures a little over 4 ½” long and the bowl measures ½”.

Tin Scoop measures 2 3/4" long and measures 1" across the opening. Masher stands 4” tall, measures ½” across the top and measures 1” across the bottom. Wire Beater measures 4” Long and measures ½” across the widest point (wire area).

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