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Pull Toy Horse Double Team Stenciled Cart


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Special holiday offering includes a marriage of a rare double horse team that suggest pulling a stenciled cart (contents also included) with Santa at the helm. Cart and horse team date to the late 19th to turn of the century. Pull toy horses sporting stick leg construction are quite possibly German even though they are not marked.

Lighter horse does have an authentic horsehair body and intact tail. The inset eyes behind the hide are a rare feature compared to the other companion horse that gestures tiny shoe button eyes. Reins and bridle on the light colored horse remain but are not complete. Missing one ear but the other leather ear is intact. Expected hair loss but overall condition is good as the legs are sturdy.

Brown horse was fashioned from simulated fur (or could be real fur that I cannot identify) and is not constructed of burlap. A whisper of his leather ear remains while the other ear and tail are missing. Incomplete reins and bridle situation but the legs are intact and sturdy. No hair loss to report.

This base is unique as it was constructed with some sort of composition used on the top lending a sculptured appearance. The bottom of the base is a mystery as there are indications that it was glued to something at one point but then again there is a pencil inference showing “2 55” that may represent the original price on the left hand corner. The hoofs are imbedded into the base and do show through on the underside.

Cart sporting an original painted surface offering crimson red stenciling on a warm mustard ground is wonderful. This outstanding cart as stated earlier is a marriage but the double team are a perfect fit lending balance to the overall look as the cart is larger in size compared to others that are of the smaller variety. The inside area including the seat lend an oxidized mellow cranberry red hue as it was brighter in color when the paint was first applied.

The form could not be better and this piece could also be called a wagon as the wooden wheels are comprised of spokes and wire cotter pins. A piece of cloth was used on the edge of each wheel and does support age loss. There is a small area of glue residue on the bottom near the back as shown. A “make-do” evident repair was also implemented on the bottom tongue area. A long nail was used to keep the end of the wooden guide in place as shown. It worked and this piece is sturdy and strong. The buckboard seat is missing the left side rail but the right is intact. I used gifts I fashioned to tuck in this area and it is really not noticeable. Overall condition is good with age expected wear such as the wheels that lend tight age cracks as well as wear to the paint.

Three vintage bottle brush trees housed inside along with a variety of vintage shiny bright mercury ornaments add interest and color to the scene. The smallest silver ornament is a rendition and not old but has a great look. Three gifts I fashioned from soft florist foam as the base were wrapped with festive fabrics and topped with yarn. Lastly, a vintage pre WW2 standing Santa (Japan) has a clear view atop the seat holding a feather tree sporting a red coat and hat.

This exemplary piece will surely be a favorite for holiday display and will attract the attention it deserves from you and your guests! Enjoy!

Overall length is 21” (horse’s mouth to the end of the cart wheel). Cart measures 12” long, measures 21” long with apparatus in the laying down position, measures 12” tall with apparatus up, back is 7” tall and the front is 6” tall, measures 11 ¼” across the middle section (side boards), measures 7” deep (wheel to wheel edge) and measures 2” tall inside buckboard area. Horse Team measures 8” long (nose to tail), Base is 6 ¾” long, measures 5 ½” deep (front to back). Stands 7 ¾” tall (head to base), measures 5 ¼” tall at rear.

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