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Quick Witted Old Mohair Stuffed Terrier


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Hi there! My name is Sebastian and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance this fine day! A little hot for my taste but I will manage because I have a strong nature and come from good bloodlines! I may be old with some minor hair loss and my tail seems to have a way of it’s own but I still have spirit and lots of love to shower on the lucky recipient that adopts me!

I am fashioned from quality mohair and am possibly stuffed with excelsior or another hard material. I possess glass eyes, a black stitched mouth and red tongue but my nose is fashioned from black fabric that has also been hand stitched in place. Michelle, my temporary owner says I am a handsome boy with personality plus! She even added a patriotic flag to my collar despite the biased conjecture of our presidents stance regarding his speech on the Fourth of July! In her defense, she is only practicing her first amendment, freedom of speech! Thanks Sebastian, good boy!

My fur sports a pretty golden tan color and I am free of odors! My hair loss seems to have occurred near the back of my hind legs, on my paws, down the middle of my back and also on my tail but that is because I wag it quite often! My ears also show some hair loss mostly related to the ends and by the way did I mention that my ears were fashioned in a loop and you can even put your finger through them. Ouch! My underside, from sitting so long also has hair loss as shown in image 24 but at least I am not soiled because I am housebroken! My fur does have a course feel and is not as soft as it was years ago but I don’t mind.

I am a large doggie and can be tough if the need arises but most of the time I am very easy going and behave well. If you can find it in your heart to adopt me, I promise to love you forever and keep you company throughout the day and night. I would love to sit on your bed as I know this is a cozy place for a senior like me. All I ask is that you wrap a blanket around me when the weather turns cold. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your life!

I proudly stand 9” tall, measure 11 ½” from the tip of my mouth to the end of my tail and measure 5” across my back paws.

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