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Redware Shallow Bowl Dish Lye Soap Old Bottle Gathering


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This contemporary redware dish was my inspiration to create a unique gathering that would make a great display either in your kitchen or your bathroom. All of the items in the dish are included and this offering is ready to set out immediately so it can be enjoyed!

Old lye soap found in a Pennsylvania barn was used to enhance the small gourd basket I fashioned from a gourd using a cinnamon stick for the handle. You can also add Q-Tips inside the basket instead of Lye Soap if you decide to use this in the “privy”.

An old bottle with a kicked up bottom feature was also added to the dish filled with colorful spices and capped off using a tree branch for the stopper. This bottle is in very good condition without any chips or cracks to report. A tight, raised, ribbed design element can be found on the back along with a tiny number “2” located near the bottom.

I fashioned a little scrub broom that has been wrapped twice to create a whisper of Halloween magic to the mix. A piece of a loofah sponge was wrapped and tied with yarn and creates nice texture to the overall look. Lastly, raw cotton was wrapped with a piece of green calico that resides in the front.

The oval, shallow bowl or dish is in excellent condition without any cracks or chips to report. The reflective glaze that appears on the front is so pretty as this feature really brings out the gorgeous redware color. The sides and bottom are not glazed and render an earthy terra cotta appearance.

I really enjoy creating gatherings such as this one because they can be an interesting focal point using an array of unusual pieces that call for a theme. This one of a kind ensemble is the perfect gathering that will not only take up much space but will lend instant charm to your homestead! Enjoy!

Redware dish measures 7 ¼” across the top (right to left), measures 5 ¼” front to back and is almost 1” tall. Old bottle stands 5 ½” tall (including the stopper), bottle itself measures 5” tall, opening is almost ½” at the top and measures a little over 1 ½” across the bottom and is 1” deep (front to back). Scrubby brush stands 6” tall and measures 2” @ the widest point across the bottom. Gourd basket stands 2 ¾” tall (including handle), measures 2 ¼” across the top and measures 2” across the bottom. Loofa sponge measures 3 ½” tall, measures 1 ½” front to back and is 1” thick. Raw cotton piece measures 2 ¼” by 1 ¼”.

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