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Scrub Scouring Box 19th Century Wall Version Original Surface


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Scrub or scouring boxes are a wonderful way to add early charm to your homestead instantly especially if placed in a buttery ~ pantry or even in a bathroom. This wall version possessing its original surface offers a great size as it is not too large because of the slender form. The pocket in the front can be decorated for any holiday by adding items inside but we are offering it with two civil war era forks to help you get started!

The christened, dry attic finish is wonderful and the gently raised center wooden bar was used to scrub utensils across this area to achieve cleaning. The pocket area would have probably held lye soap while utensils stand at the ready and could be placed in an upright position. I used a folded homespun towel placed inside to gain height and to also add a bit of color.

There is appropriate nail bleed from the front pocket face area as the wood was exposed to the nails as shown in images 5, 6, 7 & 8. There is minor wood loss to the right and left bottom corners just below the pocket area (where it has been extended using one piece of wood that acts as the bottom for the pocket). The left back corner is also effected by minor wood loss. Tiny nails were used throughout this piece. The bottom piece of wood for the pocket is slightly warped and this box needs a bit of coaxing to stand on its own but alas, it is after all a wall version.

Whispers of green paint can be seen in three different locations……. First on the front just to the left of the scrubber near the bottom, second just below the scrubber near the top of the inside back pocket area and third on the back near the bottom as referenced in images 6, 12 & 17. The wood on the back has a “wet look” area near the bottom but I suspect it may disappear with time. Dark areas can also be found on the back in the middle and top section.

The top edge above the hanging hole is almost a lamplight black color but the right and left edges do match the overall patina throughout. There are two separate pieces of gently contoured wood (scrolled sides), that have been reinforced using tiny nails driven in from the back. I cannot find any cracks in this piece and the wood is smooth and “right as rain”. No odor is present either.

The two civil war era forks are in overall good condition. The handles are fashioned from wood. One of the forks has a metal end cap while the other does not. One of the forks has a rivet missing located near the top. These rivets are necessary to join the three sections together. The other fork has a tiny piece of wood missing near the ferule on the left hand side. The handles are smooth as silk from constant handling and wear through the years.

Wall versions of scouring boxes are getting harder to find and I have never seen a smaller, less bulky piece to date. I am confident this would make a hit wherever you decide to place it lending early character to your homestead…..but don’t place it near the dishwasher as it might get extremely jealous! Enjoy!

Scrub box stands 16 ¼” tall, measures 5 ½” across (right to left) including the pocket area, Pocket opening measures 2 ¾” deep (front to back) and the bottom measures almost 6”. The fork with the rivets measures 7” tall while the other fork is a little bit larger measuring 7 ¼” tall. The tine area measures ½” across.

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