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Wall Box Oyster Paint Festive


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Wall boxes are always a popular antique to collect because they come in an array of shapes, sizes, painted or just warm patina. They can be filled with just about anything and will certainly grace any wall lending interest. This pine wall box sports vestiges of oyster paint while the exciting graining in the wood makes for a unique piece! The holiday greens are included and this box is ready to set out so it can be enjoyed immediately!

This wall box is heavy and extremely sturdy. It dates to around 1920 to 1940’s period. The canted front lends character as well as the decorative “V” cut out directly in the middle. Whispers of pale red paint can be found in a couple areas on the back edges limited to the right hand side. There are also indications of a half-moon circle done in pencil on that back but is hard to detect.

Wood loss by way of a vertical chip (1 ¼”) is present on the right hand side near the top. Several small chips are located on the bottom edges at random. One lone age crack is can be found on the bottom as shown. Lastly, the back has a slight warping on the right hand side near the bottom location but is hard to see and does not affect the appearance in the standing position.

Overall the condition is good and this piece is structurally sound. An array of artificial greens and pine cones along with snow tipped holly leaves accented with red berries are quaintly nestled in the open pocket. This addition adds plenty of festive cheer for the holidays! They can be replaced with either rag balls, old wooden paddles, spoons and butter stamps for a nice kitchen display or can be filled with miniature washboards and early clothespins for a laundry room setting. I am sure you will have fun decorating this special wall box for the seasons that lie ahead. Enjoy!

Box stands 14 ½” tall, measures 7” across the front (right to left), measures 5 ½” deep near the top edge and graduates down in size to 4 ¼”.

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