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Primitive Cubby Box with Putz Sheep


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This interesting old cubby with layers of stacked fabrics and of course a vintage Putz sheep will create instant primitive charm to any room it is placed in! No homestead should be without at least one, in my opinion! :)

This divided cubby is just the perfect size as it is not too large but yet makes a showy statement on either a wall as it can be hung or set on a table. There is appropriate age to this piece with great wear and the wood around the nails has darkened nicely through the years. The cubby has a slight shiny appearance to the wood and the sharp corners, now well rounded, have been worn with years of use.

I added a wonderful Putz sheep that needed a little help as his woolly coat was very worn in a couple places. I fashioned a little patch made from an old wool quilt and hand stitched up the edges. These were applied to the two worn areas and he is now, "right as rain". This sheep has a darling face and the legs are very strong and sturdy because he can stand on his own very nicely. The ears are intact, which is NOT very common and he even sports an original red collar. Handsome little guy with personality plus!

Next, I cut some interesting fabrics that were chosen for their complimentary textures and neutral colors. Various old wool's were used along with some aged burlap and a piece of homespun. An 1880 to 1900 quilt was inspiration for the wonderful homespun it offered. This quilt piece boasts a nutmeg, cinnamon and warm tan color hue with a vivid buttermilk stripe. A spray of Sweet Annie laid on top is a nice little touch that reminds me of spring.

Aged cheesecloth was used on the bottom shelf as it softens the look especially when the Putz sheep stands upon it and is also included with this purchase. Lastly, two dried ornamental Poppies with a spray of Sweet Annie can be hung off to the left by a tiny nail and bring interest to this piece.

A unique and special primitive offering that will make you and your homestead happy all year long boasting fresh neutral colors with a hint of whimsy! Enjoy!

The cubby measures 8 3/4" Tall, 6 1/4" across & 3 3/4" Deep. (There is a saw tooth hanger in the back for hanging). Inside measurements are 5 1/4" across by 3 3/4" Tall. Putz Sheep is 3 " from his nose to the tail, almost 1" across and proudly stands 3" tall. The early homespun quilt piece is 6" by 6 1/2", not folded in half. The rest of the stacked fabrics are approximately 10" by 7" (not folded) and are 5" Long by 3 1/2" across (folded in quarters). The cheesecloth is approximately 9" Tall but has a nice curve at the end. Ornamental Poppy & Sweet Annie spray is 7" tall by about 2" wide.

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