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Antique Heart Cookie Cutters on Decorative Wooden Board


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The holidays are about love….love for your family, friends and of course your precious animals! Instead of waiting for Valentine’s Day to present this offering I thought it would be appropriately fitting to list it now because of the heart motif which symbolizes love….. so why wait! Holiday cheer is sprinkled about lending color and “Good Tidings” to this wall mounted version of delightful hearts!

These splendid cookie cutters date to the later part of the 19th century and have delicious dark patina throughout. They are aged to perfection noting some lighter areas sprinkled at random. One of the cutters possesses a crimped edge while the others are plain. The vent holes are all a bit different in size and location as well. Some of the cutters were missing the strap handle but were perfect to use on this hand fashioned board to act as a nice display. They are all in good condition without any rust to report and the edges are strong and stay in place.

The wood used for this board was actually from a felled 200 year old tree on our farm so you are receiving a historic piece of wood that was custom made for the cookie cutters. Harry designed a simple but effective scroll design at the top location that offers a decorative element to the board. This piece of wood is quite heavy and is as solid as they come!

The holiday accents can be easily removed as they are not glued in place. I drilled two holes to accommodate the cinnamon stick cluster that is wrapped with red and white yarn as shown on the back. You can remove this and add any color yarn that suits you by threading a needle with a large eye that can be inserted through the holes to once again tie the cinnamon sticks into place.

This piece can be leaned up against a wall or can grace a table with ease. Happy hearts that are just waiting to enchant your home bringing love and joy for the holidays! Enjoy!

Board measures 12 ½” across (right to left), measures 9 ¼” tall @ the tallest point and is ½” thick. Heart cookie cutters vary in size, largest is 4” across by 4” tall and the smallest is 1 ¾” across by 2” tall.

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